Craig Michael Utter

Craig Michael Utter Joined the staff of S&T in February 1999. He brings a long and varied history in commercial, fine art, and digital photography.

Craig began observing the night sky in 1969 when his 6th grade class had an "Introduction to the Solar System." This started a life-long love of astronomy and telescope building. He built a 6-inch reflector in high school, in addition to several "camera lens" refractors. Present construction projects include a 6-inch refractor, an 8-inch Newtonian for astrophotography, and grinding a mirror for an 18-inch Dobsonian.

When not building telescopes Craig is either observing with a friends 12-inch Dobsonian, photographing deep-sky objects with his 4-inch fluorite refractor, helping his two children with their own science interests, or working on some other project around the house.