A Fun Year

I've been writing my blog for just one full year now, and it's time to take a break — for an indefinite amount of time. I'm doing a lot more work on the magazine, and it's increasingly hard to find time to write for our website.

Granted, the blog is just a small part of what I write for the Web; the lion's share of my time goes to observing stories like the recent one on the Geminids. But when push comes to shove, it's the observing stories that are indispensable. I'd much rather have 1000 people outside at night using the star charts that I've posted on our website than the same number of people chit-chatting about my opinions during the day. Opinions are cheap, but facts are facts.

Nonetheless, I've had a lot of fun spouting my opinions over the last year, and I still have a couple dozen topics that I've never gotten around to. Maybe you'll see some of them in the magazine! Meanwhile, here's an index to all the subjects that I've blogged:

Dec 19, 2007The Scientific Value of Visual Observing
Dec 12, 2007Holmes: Victim of Its Own Success
Dec 7, 2007A Night in the Life of an S&T Editor
Nov 30, 2007The Reliability of Visual Observing
Nov 20, 2007The Amazing Comet Holmes
Nov 15, 2007Traveling Without a Scope
Oct 11, 2007Bye for a While
Sep 28, 2007Big Binocular Messier Survey
Sep 20, 2007Do the Planet Limbo
Sep 12, 2007Calendars
Aug 31, 2007Ridiculously Small Optics
Aug 29, 2007Moonset Eclipse
Aug 23, 2007Astronomical Twilight
Aug 16, 2007Discussions Restored
Aug 14, 2007Stellafane
Aug 9, 2007Some Suburban Messiers
Aug 2, 2007Twilight
Jul 30, 2007Microsaccades
Jul 26, 2007The North America Nebula
Jul 24, 2007Comet Envy
Jul 20, 2007Anticipating August
Jul 17, 2007Pollution and Stargazing
Jul 13, 2007Galaxies and Clusters and Comet, Oh My!
Jul 5, 2007Strange Encounters Part II
Jun 26, 2007Strangers in the Night
Jun 21, 2007The Day the Sun Stands Still
Jun 14, 2007Decisions, Decisions
Jun 8, 2007Desk-Chair Science
Jun 1, 2007Fear
May 25, 2007Unexpected Connections
May 15, 2007Big Sky
May 10, 2007Coda: Binoculars Versus Starblast
May 1, 2007Binoculars Part III: One Eye Versus Two
Apr 27, 2007Three Binoculars: Part II
Apr 23, 2007A Tale of Three Binoculars: Part I
Apr 13, 2007Stars and Birds
Apr 4, 2007How Brightly Shines the Moon?
Mar 31, 2007Better Late Than Never
Mar 22, 2007Measuring Skyglow
Mar 28, 2007School Time
Mar 21, 2007Dressing Up for an Evening Out
Mar 16, 2007Equipment
Mar 14, 2007Waiting for Sagittarius
Mar 7, 2007The Meaning of Stargazing
Mar 5, 2007A Spontaneous Star Party
Feb 26, 2007Celestial Time and Human Time
Feb 22, 2007Instant Astronomy
Feb 19, 2007June in February
Feb 16, 2007Stars and Snowflakes
Feb 13, 2007Mercury Retrospective
Feb 9, 2007Keeping Myself Honest
Jan 31, 2007Hello World

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