Astrophotography with Jerry Lodriguss

S&T contributing editor Jerry Lodriguss covers all aspects of astrophotography for beginner, intermediate, and advanced imagers. Look for tips and techniques on image acquisition and processing for scenic, long-exposure deep-sky, and high resolution planetary imaging of the Sun, Moon, and planets. Lodriguss will cover hardware and software recommendations and news about the hobby as well.

Experiencing the Total Solar Eclipse

Lots of folks are getting ready for what should be one of the most memorable astronomical experiences of their lifetimes — the total solar eclipse of August 21st. Seasoned eclipse chasers have described the view of the ethereal delicate solar corona surrounding the black hole caused by the Moon as “The Eye of God.” If…

Linear vs. Stretched Images

When shooting with digital cameras, images will appear very dark and low-contrast. This is true with daytime photographs as well as long-exposure deep-sky images. That’s because raw data is linear. To make details visible, we must apply a non-linear transformation and s – t – r – e – t – c – h the…

Shooting Doubles

Photographing double stars is easy and can be done with most any telescope. Chances are you may already have the tools to do it today.

iPhone Moon

Picture Perfect: Getting Started in Astrophotography

Few amateurs have looked through a telescope and not imagined what it would be like to take a photo of the target in the eyepiece. I know I did when I got my first telescope. But back then, astrophotography was practically a black art: 35mm film was the only medium of choice, and it required…