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RTMC 2010, Part I

For the first time in its history, the Riverside Telescope Maker's Conference was held at new Moon instead of on Memorial Day weekend. That allowed some wonderful views of galaxies under surprisingly dark skies.


The First Geek

Not all geeks are astronomers, but many astronomers are geeks. Let's take a look at the archetypal geek who died 22 centuries ago.


Binocular Blogs

Binocular stargazing has a peaceful, organic quality that's hard to achieve through a telescope. Here's a list of some blogs the author has written on this subject.

Index to Stargazing Blogs

Nobody else may care about blogs that I wrote three years ago — but I do, because I like to hyperlink to older blogs when I write new ones. So here, in case anybody's interested, is a list of all Stargazing blogs from 2007 through 2010: 2010 Oct 26, 2010 Guest Blog: In Defence...

Hubble Pluto map longitude 180

Thoughts about Pluto

Eighty years ago, Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto while comparing two photographs taken a few weeks earlier. How does his discovery look in light of our current knowledge?


Venus, Jupiter, and Vesta

Venus and Jupiter have a close but difficult conjunction shortly after sunset on Tuesday, Feb. 16. And after the sky gets dark, you have an unusual chance to see an asteroid with hardly any effort at all.


More on Scopes and Binoculars

What sized telescope is equivalent to a pair of 70-mm binoculars? To some extent, this is a question without an answer — like comparing apples to oranges. But for some purposes, 70-mm binoculars can actually do better than a 100-mm scope. In other words, the human brain sometimes gets better results combining the light...


Paradoxical Messier 33

Messier 33, which rides high in the sky on late-autmun evenings, can be the most rewarding or frustrating of all galaxies, depending on your conditions and your mindset.


Doing Deep-Sky Wonders

It's hard to find a better way to spend an hour or two outside on a clear, moonless night than viewing the targets from the latest Deep-Sky Wonders column through a telescope.