Just in case you hadn't noticed, there have been a few changes to in the past week or so.

Neptune and Triton
Our new interactive observing tool will help you spot Neptune's largest moon, Triton.
I'm sure everyone is relieved that you'll no longer see my photo on the home page. Since I'm the only person writing a stand-alone blog now, it was deemed acceptable to rearrange the home page. If something I write merits wider visibility, it will be included in our News Blog. If it's just something minor, like a YouTube video, you'll find it just in Astronomy Online in our Sky Blogs section, which will go out on the RSS feed and be included in Friday's Weekly Bulletin.

In more significant news, we now have an even dozen interactive observing tools, the Web-browser-capable programs that can aid in your Moon-, planet-, and stargazing. The latest one calculates the position of Neptune's largest moon, Triton.

Finally, the utility that lets you browse our Hobby Q&A section has been revamped. We hope you'll find it more useful.

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