Product Videos

Dennis di Cicco
Welcome to Sky & Telescope’s product videos. Over the past few years, S&T senior editor Dennis di Cicco has interviewed many manufacturers and vendors of astronomy equipment in an effort to bring their products to life in a way that you will find useful. We hope you enjoy them.

Apogee Imaging Systems — April 2014

Apogee Imaging Systems — October 2012

Apogee Imaging Systems — April 2011

Apogee Imaging Systems — April 2010

Apogee Imaging Systems — April 2009

Astro Haven Enterprises — November 2011

Astro-Physics — April 2013

Astro-Physics — October 2009

ASA Astrosysteme Austria — November 2011

ASA Astrosysteme Austria — October 2009

Celestron — October 2009

Celestron — April 2009

Ceravolo Optical Systems — October 2009

DC3 Dreams — November 2011

DC3 Dreams — October 2009

Explore Scientific — April 2011

Explore Scientific — April 2009

Finger Lakes Instrumentation — April 2014

Finger Lakes Instrumentation — April 2011

iOptron — April 2014

iOptron — April 2012

iOptron — April 2009

Meade Instruments — April 2012

Meade Instruments — November 2011

Meade Instruments — April 2010

Optec, Inc. — November 2011

PlaneWave Instruments — October 2013

PlaneWave Instruments — November 2011

PlaneWave Instruments — October 2009

PlaneWave Professional Services — October 2013

RSpec — April 2011

Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) — April 2014

Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) — April 2012

Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) — April 2011

Sky-Watcher USA — April 2014

Southern Stars — April 2013

Stellarvue — April 2014

Tele Vue Optics — April 2014

8 thoughts on “Product Videos

  1. Bud

    It seems that I am constantly coming up against ‘experts’ who treat beginners with disdain, rather than offer help. The video that S&T produced, as an addendum to an already excellent review on telescopes for beginners, is wonderfully unpretentious and just downright helpful. THANK YOU!

  2. Dennis Foxworthy

    I am such a rookie! I was given a nice (to me at least) telescope as a retirement gift…now if i could just figure out how to use it! I got it all assembled, and pointed in the right direction, but all I see is a white/grey light, and nothing i do seems to bring any clarity to the view finder. Maybe i am not using the correct eyepiece, but i do not know which one I should choose. Is their any hope for me out there?

  3. david fountain

    I am new to astronomy but for my 65th birthday my wife bought me a Celestron Nexstar 8 plus all of the accessories to go with it. I have free video capture programmes for my webcam, but would a purchased one be easier and more user friendly ?
    A great mag thank you.
    cheers david