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JMI Telescopes

8550 West 14th Ave., Lakewood, CO 80215

303-233-5353; jimsmobile.com

Sean Walker
JMI updates its flagship Newtonian reflector, the NGT-18 ($14,995). This 18-inch f/4.5 Newtonian features a lightweight, open truss-tube design with a low-profile, split-ring equatorial mount. The mount features a 36-inch-diameter drive ring and heavy-duty 2-inch ball bearings on both declination axes for smooth yet accurate slewing. The split-ring mount places the eyepiece at only 76 inches from the ground when pointed toward the zenith. Its included StellarCAT ServoCAT Jr. Track/GOTO drives are combined with an Argo Navis NGC-superMAX Go To computer, which provides more than 29,000 objects to observe in its extensive database. Weighing a total of 245 pounds (111 kg), the NGT-18 breaks down into multiple components, with the heaviest section weighing 75 pounds. A 9×50mm finderscope and JMI EV-2n 2-inch motorized focuser are also included with purchase. See additional details on the manufacturer’s website.

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