Let’s Google Mars

Wow — there's a new version of Google Earth. Among Version 5's new features, are these significant enhancements: detailed ocean floors, historical satellite/aerial imagery, and Mars.

That's right, now not only does Google Earth have a
Sky component, but also maps of Mars, complete with spacecraft imagery and points of interest.

Just what I needed, something else to draw my attention now that my favorite TV shows are gearing back up. Thanks Google!

This just in: A post on the Google Earth Blog notes a hidden feature in Google Mars. You can chat with a Martian near the infamous "face."

Google Mars
The Red Planet is now part of Google Earth. Download it now and go explore.
Google Inc.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Google Mars

  1. Chris F.

    This may be a tad off topic but,If you’ll recall this is the year we make contact. According to the movie ‘2010’ (the sequel to 2001 A Space Odyssey) Jupiter should turn into a star and save the earth from itself.
    Any thoughts on this?

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