March Digital Edition Available

Sky & Telescope has had a digital edition since early in 2010.

March 2011 S&T
March 2011 S&T
All digital subscribers are automatically sent e-mail when a new issue becomes available. Unfortunately, in the modern world of copious spam and aggressive spam filters, e-mail is no longer the reliable medium that it used to be. A sizable fraction of all e-mails that are sent out fail to land in their intended recipient's in-boxes.

So to supplement the e-mail notifications, I plan to post something on the S&T website every time a new digital issue is made available.

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4 thoughts on “March Digital Edition Available

  1. Luis Villar

    It would be interesting to know the price in € for European readers, who are many.
    Luis Villar

  2. bigbinoman

    no email for new edition. In fact I have never received an email since subscribing.

    1. Monica YoungMonica Young

      Please contact customer service ( if you are not receiving email notifications when the new digital issues come out.

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