Video: Using Star Charts and Star Wheels

Do you want to learn the constellations? Locate a planet? What you need is a good star chart. That could be the Interactive Sky Chart on our website. Or, bigger and more colorful, the monthly all-sky chart in each issue of Sky & Telescope magazine. Or a star wheel, also known as a planisphere.

But whatever kind of map you use, you need a few simple tips on how to use it. Click below to watch a YouTube video of S&T senior editor Alan MacRobert explaining how to use star charts and star wheels in his own inimitable style.

6 thoughts on “Video: Using Star Charts and Star Wheels

  1. Darren

    This was excellent and highly informative. Thank you so much for simply thinking to post it. And I appreciate Mr. MacRoberts’ enthusiasm. Tell you what, your subscription rate is very reasonable, I’m going to sign up. This seems like a very worthwhile publication (and no folks, I’m not a plant, ha, just a new fan of the night skies).