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Sky & Telescope Contributing Editor Govert Schilling lives in the Netherlands, but loves to explore his home planet. In July, Harvard University Press published his new book, ‘Ripples in Spacetime. Einstein, Gravitational Waves, and the Future of Astronomy’.

A Black Hole Swarm

Like mosquitos hovering around a mountain, small black holes swarm around the supermassive black hole in the core of the Milky Way. According to a team led by Michael P. Muno (University of California, Los Angeles), there may be as many as 20,000 stellar-mass black holes lurking within a three-light-year-wide sphere surrounding the 3-million-solar-mass behemoth…

Did Pluto Take a Punch?

If David J. Tholen (University of Hawaii) is right, Pluto was probably hit by a small Kuiper Belt object in the not-too-distant past. One consequence of that collision, he argues, is seen in the planet's motion — Pluto and its satellite Charon now waltz around each other in slightly out-of-round orbits. And since tidal forces…