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2017 Eclipse Resources

With all the interest in August’s sky spectacular, it’s no surprise that you can find lots of great information about solar eclipses. Here are some favorite resources chosen by the editors of Sky & Telescope magazine: Books About Eclipses In the Shadow of the Moon: The Science, Magic, and Mystery of Solar Eclipses by Anthony…

June 2017 Issue

Inside the June 2017 Issue

PURCHASE PRINT ISSUE | PURCHASE DIGITAL ISSUE | PURCHASE BACK ISSUES | SUBSCRIBE What is Tabby's Star? Who Discovered the Ring Nebula? Can Life Survive in TRAPPIST-1? Mysteries abound in astronomy, and not all the questions have answers — yet. Tabby's Star is emblematic of the search for truth. This seemingly ordinary star occasionally undergoes…

Space and Nature Aruba

NAME Space and Nature Aruba ADDRESS Oranjestad, Aruba CONTACT Jeremio Maduro and Jairo Vrolijk PHONE EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS 8 OTHER INFORMATION Who we are The Space and Nature Aruba (SNA) is a non-profit group based on the Caribbean island Aruba which is located a few miles North of the coast of…

USJ Astronomy Club

NAME USJ Astronomy Club ADDRESS Mar Roukoz, USJ Campus Sciences et Technologies Beirut, Lebanon CONTACT MarieJoe Chahine PHONE 0096170386798 EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS 43 OTHER INFORMATION We are a community that aims to gathers the passionate for astronomy, while making it easy for all USJ students to learn about space and enjoy the…

Central Wyoming Astronomical Society

NAME Central Wyoming Astronomical Society ADDRESS 6041 Rivers Gate Casper, Wyoming 82604 USA CONTACT Alan Corey PHONE 307-251-3369 EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS 6 OTHER INFORMATION Very small non-profit amateur astronomy club located in Casper, Wyoming. We meet once a month from August to May typically and do sidewalk astronomy from June to…

Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society

NAME Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society ADDRESS 620 B East Rock Road Allentown, PA 18103-7525 USA CONTACT LVAAS Planetarium Director PHONE 610-797-3476 EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS 250+ OTHER INFORMATION LVAAS is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals with a wide range of interest in astronomy. LVAAS is located in eastern Pennsylvania, near…

Amateur Astronomers Association of Guyana

NAME Amateur Astronomers Association of Guyana ADDRESS Georgetown, Guayana CONTACT Ferlin Pedro PHONE 592-621-5096 EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS 10 OTHER INFORMATION Promoting astronomy and amateur astrophotography in Guyana. We welcome anyone who is generally interested in astronomy, science and space. We look forward having you around!

Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society

NAME Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society ADDRESS The Briars Mount Martha, Victoria Australia CONTACT David Rolfe PHONE +61 4 13610626 EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS 150 OTHER INFORMATION MPAS is approaching 50 years and welcomes members from all over the world to our observing site, located on the outer edge of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


NAME AstroLab ADDRESS C/ Castillo s/n Monumento Torre Vigía Yunquera 29410 Spain CONTACT Jose Antonio Jimenez PHONE 0034 952 482 173 EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS 120 OTHER INFORMATION Stargazing Nights, astronomy activities for all family, astrophotographers assistants.