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Inside the November 2015 Issue

PURCHASE PRINT ISSUE | PURCHASE DIGITAL ISSUE | PURCHASE BACK ISSUES | SUBSCRIBE From the Sun to Pluto: A Closer Look at Our Solar System Our November issue takes us on a tour across the solar system. First stop: the Sun, where we see flares that pack as much energy as they do mystery....

Exoss Citizen Science

NAME Exoss Citizen Science ADDRESS São Paulo, Brazil CONTACT Marcelo De Cicco PHONE +5524992915122 EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS 14 OTHER INFORMATION Exploring the Southern Hemisphere sky for new meteor radiants.

Dumbbell Nebula

Managing Your Deep-Sky References

Amateur astronomer Phillip Kane gives some advice on organizing "your" observing experts to assist you at the eyepiece. Like many amateur astronomers who visually observe deep-sky objects, I have a shelf of favorite references whose authors write about their compiled observations. The books I most use are: Burnham, Robert Jr. Burnham’s Celestial Handbook (3...

Cape Fear Astronomical Society

NAME Cape Fear Astronomical Society ADDRESS Wilmington, NC USA CONTACT Secretary PHONE 910-338-3977 EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS 35 OTHER INFORMATION The Cape Fear Astronomical Society (CFAS) of Wilmington, North Carolina was founded in 1983. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of amateur astronomy. We hold meetings on the...

High Resolution Astrophotography by Damian Peach

High-Resolution Astrophotography (DVD)

Damian Peach World-renowned planetary imager Damian Peach releases the first of his new DVD tutorial series High Resolution Astrophotography. Within you'll find more than 2½ hours of detailed video guides on how to photograph the Sun, Moon, and planets. Peach walks you through userful features in popular image-processing programs including Registax 6, Autostakkert!2,...

Associazione Astrofili Bolognesi

NAME Associazione Astrofili Bolognesi ADDRESS Via Serlio 25/2 Bologna BO 40128 Italy CONTACT Pierluigi Punzo PHONE +39-348-2554552 EMAIL URL NUMBER OF MEMBERS 100 OTHER INFORMATION Osservatorio Astronomico Felsina Via Varsellane - Loc. Montepastore Monte San Pietro (BO)