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Contributing editor Tony Flanders has been working with S&T in some capacity since 2003.

Vesta, the 2nd-largest asteroid in the main belt

SkyWatch 2012: Asteroids

Many asteroids have been visited by spacecraft since the Galileo probe flew by Gaspra in 1991 en route to Jupiter. These spacecraft encounters have yielded a treasure trove of detailed images and data. To study an asteroid's surface completely and in detail, it's necessary to orbit the asteroid rather than just photograph it in...

SkyWatch 2012: Time-Lapse Skyscapes

In the article "Moving Pictures" from SkyWatch 2012, Lorenzo Comolli and Alessandro Gambaro explain in detail how to create time-lapse movies of the sky and other night scenes with a digital camera. Some of the authors' best videos are available on their website (click on AstroVideos in the left margin). Time-lapse skyscape videos have...

Trudy Bell-113px

The Great Telescope Race

During the 1800s, the United States experienced a veritable explosion in telescope construction, going from an astronomical backwater to the undisputed world leader in less than a century. How and why did this remarkable transformation take place? Award-winning science journalist, author, and astronomy historian Trudy Bell describes this process in “The Great Telescope Race,”...