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Contributing editor Tony Flanders has been working with S&T in some capacity since 2003.

SkyWatch 2012: The Deep Sky in Motion

Due to the vast distances separating deep-sky objects from Earth, few show obvious changes on scales shorter than a human lifetime. But there are exceptions. When stars explode or flair, their energy and/or cast-off material can create changes visible thousands of light-years away. For instance, the star V838 Monocerotis flared in 2002. The flash...

SkyWatch 2012

SkyWatch 2012: Movies and More

SkyWatch 2012, the annual publication of Sky & Telescope, will soon be available as a digital download. You can also purchase a hardcopy magazine online, and it should appear on newsstands on October 18th. The theme of this year's SkyWatch is motion. Most people in the 21st century probably think of astronomy as timeless,...

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The Great Telescope Race

During the 1800s, the United States experienced a veritable explosion in telescope construction, going from an astronomical backwater to the undisputed world leader in less than a century. How and why did this remarkable transformation take place? Award-winning science journalist, author, and astronomy historian Trudy Bell describes this process in “The Great Telescope Race,”...