Community: Clubs, Events & More

Astronomers often spend their time lost among the stars, but the science of astronomy and the hobby of stargazing are also communal affairs. You might be interested in tackling the Messier Marathon, building your own telescope, or joining the world of scientific discovery, but whatever your interest, you’ll benefit from the mentorship of the old pros. And you might even be able to help out a newbie!

We invite you to explore the many ways you can become more involved in the astro community. From clubs and star parties to public outreach and pro-am collaboration, here’s where you'll find a way to get involved. Don't be a stranger in the field — dive into the links below and find your new astro-family.

Groups & Events

Get Involved

  • Saving Dark Skies - See how you can help minimize light pollution and keep our skies dark for generations to come.
  • Pro-Am Collaboration - Find out how amateur astronomers are contributing to, and making an impact in, the field of astronomy.
  • Citizen Science Projects - No telescope? No worries! Choose a citizen science project from this list to see beautiful images of lunar craters and distant galaxies — and start making scientific discoveries with just your desktop computer.