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When a special skywatching event occurs or a particularly news-making article appears in Sky & Telescope, we post a press release here. Most releases are also sent out via e-mail by the American Astronomical Society's press officer, Richard Tresch Fienberg; freelance science journalists and accredited members of the media may contact Rick to sign up for this service.

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Current Press Releases

Venus & Jupiter Super-Close Before Dawn on August 18th
August 14, 2014 | Anyone willing to rise before dawn on Monday, August 18th, will be rewarded with the sight of the closest planet pairing of 2014 — and not just any planets, but the two brightest ones: Venus and Jupiter.

Perseid Meteors to Compete with Moonlight Late Tuesday Night
August 7, 2014 | The Perseid meteor shower, an annual celestial event beloved by millions of skywatchers around the world, peaks on the night of August 12–13 (late Tuesday, early Wednesday). But this year it will compete with bright moonlight for visibility.

Archived Press Releases

Here, in reverse chronological order, are links to past press releases from Sky & Telescope that remain available online.

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