How do I use the RSS News Feed?

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is an XML-based Web content syndication format used to deliver constantly updated headline feeds to readers. It’s an easy way for you to be alerted when new content that interests you appears on XML news feeds are documents that are served up on the Web or to a client program on your desktop. Each entry will show up as an individual news feed item, and you can select the items to read the full entries on the Web. We currently use RSS 2.0.
To access RSS feeds, you need to use a news reader or news aggregator (for example, MyYahoo!). The next step is to click the feeds to which you want to subscribe. If you have not already set up a free account with the feed type of your choice, it will prompt you to do so. After setting up your account, you will be instructed on how to use that particular aggregator. If you download and install a news reader application, you can simply copy the feed URLs to subscribe to the feed.
Of the many tools that are available, here are some of’s favorites:
Web-based News Readers
These are some of the top Web-based news readers that we are aware of:
AmphetaDesk is a hybrid news aggregator. While there's a small application you run on your desktop (works with PCs and Macs), feeds are actually read on a customized Web page. AmphetaDesk's easy "Add a Channel" feature makes it one of the more flexible Web news readers.
NewsIsFree collects headlines from almost 7,000 sources and allows users to browse and organize feeds online.
Syndic8 is a a clearing house for RSS feeds, as well as for efforts to get sites to use RSS.

Apps and Plug-Ins
Below are a few of the top news reader applications that we are aware of:
The FeedDemon pledges to "make RSS as easy to access as your e-mail." The reader is free and runs on Windows computers.Feedly is one of the most popular RSS readers in 2013, with synchronized browser and mobile versions available.NetNewsWire was designed for use in Mac OS X. Similar in layout to Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook, the application is an easy-to-use news reader that's extremely flexible.A directory of RSS feeds is available via NewzCrawler, which bills itself as an aggregator, reader, browser, and blog client. Compatible with most PCs, the $24.95 program features a Microsoft Outlook-like user interface and allows users to access feeds in various formats, including a news ticker.