2017 Moon Phase Calendar

Find the Phases of the Moon in this 2017 Lunar Calendar!

Get an at-a-glance view of this year's Moon in Sky & Telescope's 2017 Moon Calendar, the perfect aid for any skywatching enthusiast. Find the exact phase of the Moon for any day and month in a convenient PDF that you can keep on your computer or print to high resolution. (In fact, you'll find the PDF's resolution is high enough that you can even print it out as a large wall poster!)

Whether your goal is Moongazing or deep-sky observing (and hence Moon-free nights), this lunar calendar provides the ideal guide to Earth's nearest companion.

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See Moon Phases in this free 2017 Lunar Calendar

Peek Into This Free Moon Phase Calendar

The Moon is Earth's eternal companion, and it has proved to be a fascinating target for nightly study — the most seasoned experts are still discovering new aspects on this orb. The Moon is also a great place to start for new stargazers or those who have just bought their first telescope. If you're new to Moon observing, check out "The Lunar 100", Charles A. Wood's guide to lunar craters, basins, mountains, rilles, domes, and more. Not all of these features are best seen at full Moon, and that's where you'll find the Moon phase calendar essential to guide your observing plan.

The phases of the Moon are also intimately linked to the cycle of time, and each lunar phase corresponds to general rise/set times. For example, a full Moon rises at roughly 6 p.m., reaches zenith (overhead) at roughly midnight, and sets at roughly 6 a.m. For more on what the phases of the Moon can tell you, read our introductory article, "What are the Phases of the Moon?"

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Sky & Telescope's Free 2017 Moon Phase Calendar

Plan your stargazing tonight and every night this year with our free lunar calendar. Knowing the phase of the Moon tells you when the Moon will rise and set. Discover the Moon night by night as the lunar phase reveals craters and rills in various shades of illumination. Plus, decide which nights will be best for deep-sky observing instead, such as late phases of the Moon or new Moon. This carefully designed Moon phase calendar will serve as a beautiful reminder to look up.

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