2011 June 04 Fireball | Martin Dawson

Martin Dawson
Location of photo
York, England
Date/Time of photo
2011 June 04 00:10:06
Canon EOS450d with Tamron 18mm-200mm (set at 18mm) mounted on a Topcon/Slik 88 hybred tripod. 15 sec exp. F4 ISO 200
Having heard of a Iridum flare taking place just after midnight, I set my camera up while some members of the York AS where stood talking and putting equipment away. I shot a few exposures checking focus, ect. The alloted time came and went but the Iridium was a no-show. I moved my equipment to look north, again I checked my settings when I noticed a moving object, I thought at first it was a Iridium but it grew in brightness and developed a lovely trail. When I checked my camera I could not believe my luck. Martin Dawson York Astronomical Society