Antares and your fellow.

Edison Urdaneta
Location of photo
Cagua, State Aragua Venezuela (N 10° 11' 24.00" W 67° 27' 36.00").
Date/Time of photo
03-06-2014 20:28 (00:58 UTC) ── 21:14 (01:44 UTC).
Telescope reflector aperture 114mm (4.5"), focal length 900mm, eyepiece (1.25") 13mm. Digital camera 10 megapixels, afocal method, ISO 400 and optical zoom 5X.
Antares (α Scorpii, α Sco, Alpha Scorpii) is a red supergiant star in the constellation de Scorpius. It is approximately 550 light-years from the Earth. It is the 16th brightest star (excluding to the Sun). Antares has a secondary, or companion star, Antares B (it is blue)…The companion is often described as green, but this is probably either a contrast effect or the result of the mixing of light from the two stars when they are seen together through a telescope and are too close to be completely resolved. (Source: Wikipedia). Image processed with RegiStax6 (12 pictures). Technique to observer double stars (Herschel´s hexagonal mask). Pictures enlarged and cutting.

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