Asteroid 22 Kalliope | John L. Graham

John L. Graham
Location of photo
Kettering, Ohio
Date/Time of photo
03:25 1/2/2007 UT
Meade LXD75 N6, Meade DSI
This is a composite of 95x10 second images of the asteroid 22 Kalliope showing its motion between 03:25 and 03:45 UT on January 2nd. At the time, this main belt asteroid was located about 2 degrees south of M36 in Auriga at a distance of 1.7 AU shining at Mv=10.2. The source images were taken with a Meade DSI at the prime focus of an LXD75 N6, saved as FITS3P, aligned, combined, and converted to BMPs using drizzle, final touch-up in Photoshop.