Brightest of the Dim | John Powell

John Powell
Location of photo
St. Cloud, Florida
Date/Time of photo
November 6, 2007
Takahashi TSA102 / EM11 Temma Mount SBIG ST-10
M78 is a part of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex (famous for M42, The Great Orion Nebula). M78 is a Reflection Nebula and it happens to hold the distinction of being the brightest of these very dim nebulae. It's the "Brightest Dim Nebula!" Captured with my Takahashi TSA102 Refractor and SBIG ST-10 CCD camera, it was necessairy to expose for 30 minutes at a time (subs) due to the faintness of the target. Total exposure time, LRG&B over a 2 day period was 7 1/2 hours.