Comet 144P/Kushida | Hunter Wilson

Hunter Wilson
Location of photo
Lexington, Ohio
Date/Time of photo
Hanuary 16, 2008 8PM
Canon 350D Hap Griffin Baader Mod Celestron 9.25 reduced 0.63 Astro-Physics Mach1GTO Mount
Comet 144P/Kushida was discovered by Yoshio Kushida in January of 1994 and has an orbital period of 7.2 years. At the time of this image, Comet 144P/Kushida was about mag 10.8 and had a coma of 9 min. It's position was approximately RA 03 50' DEC +15 43. This image shows the star trails that indicate the movement of the comet over the hour of time it took for the 22x180sec exposures.