Comet C/2012 F6 Lemmon (the southern show) | James Tse

James Tse
Location of photo
Christchurch, New Zealand
Date/Time of photo
13 March 2013 NZDT 21:51
Takahashi E-180ED 500 mm f/2.8 astrograph and Canon 60Da.
I was waiting the fine weather for a week until 13 March. The sky was clear enough to capture the detail picture of Comet Lemmon whilst it was closed at max brightness mag 4.4. I used Takahashi E-180ED 500 mm f/2.8 astrograph to reveal its spectacular feature of its tail. Obviously, its tail was developed into a longer span with more than 7 degrees The detail enhancement picture was taken by Canon 60Da ISO 1600, 93s exposue at 13 March 2013, NZDT 21:51.