Comet Lovejoy | John L. Graham

John L. Graham
Location of photo
Kettering, Ohio
Date/Time of photo
May 19 at 4h UT
Meade DSI Pro on an Orion StarBlast (imaging version) side-by-side with a DSI on another StarBlast (original version) driven my an LXD75
This image of Comet Lovejoy (C/2007 E2) was taken on May 19 at 4h UT with a DSI Pro (L:32x30sec) at the prime focus of an Orion StarBlast (imaging version) and a DSI (RGB:16x60sec) at the prime focus of second StarBlast (original version) mounted side-by-side on a Meade LXD75. The source images were saved as FITS3P combined offline in drizzle. Drizzle was also used to convert the FITS3P from the DSI to a BMP. The LRGB was then assembled in Photoshop.