Comet Lovejoy (C2014 Q2) passes M76

Location of photo
Tucson, AZ
Date/Time of photo
February 16, 2015, 7:54 PM MST
Celestron CPC-1100 at f/2 with HyperStar; Canon 6D; ISO-6400; Exposure: 6 seconds
Comet Lovejoy and the Little Dumbbell were nearly equidistant from 4th-magnitude Phi Persei on February 16th. However, the comet was relatively nearby at only one AU away, while Phi Persei is 700ly, and 10.1-magnitude M-76 is far out at 2,500ly. (Sorry about the "tag." Comet Lovejoy C2014 Q2 was not in the "Tags" dropdown menu)