Comet Lulin Composite | James Maxwell

James Maxwell
Location of photo
Caldera Rim Observatory
Date/Time of photo
Feb 4-5, 2009
10" F/4 Schmidt Newtonian (Meade) with Baader Coma Corrector. 5" Guidescope with autoguider. Losmany G-11 Mount. Color Astro 400D (Canon Rebel)cooled DSLR. Photograph taken at Minus 9 to Minus 11C and at 8300 ft. elevation. Dark and Flat frames applied. Processed in Nebulosity and Photobrush.
Comet Lulin over two days. Upper photos are tracking with the comet, the lower photos follow the stars. On Feb. 4th, the comet passed by several galaxies, including NGC 5796 and NGC 5817