Conjunction Pictures

Shining Venus, ruddy Mars, and the crescent Moon are all beautiful sights to behold. But it’s when the planets and the Moon dance together in the sky that they really attract notice from stargazers across the world. Browse below to see our readers’ photographic captures of all kinds of celestial conjunctions, from the dance of Mercury and Saturn in the predawn twilight to Venus’s solitary amble through the Pleiades.

The chance alignments that truly let astrophotographers shine are occultations, rare events where one celestial object passes behind another. When Saturn recently grazed behind the Moon, our readers captured the planet’s ringed glory in a surprising juxtaposition, dwarfed by the cratered lunar landscape.



Piotr Borasa
Date/Time of photo
‎19.08. ‎2014,czas lokalny ‏‎04:09:42 czułość ISO 1600 czas naświetlania 2,5 s tryb odmierzania deseń