Crepuscular Rays | Mila Zinkova

Mila Zinkova
Location of photo
San Francisco,California
Date/Time of photo
10/15/06 around 10 a.m.
Pentax point and shot
The sun was behind me and I believed these were anti-crepuscular rays. I sent the picture to Andy Young and here's what he writes about it: "These are essentially crepuscular rays, formed in the remaining fog by the light reflected from the windows of the building. The fog droplets are fairly large, so they're strongly forward-scattering. That limits the angular length of the rays, which don't extend very far from the image of the Sun formed behind each window. That makes these really *crepuscular* rather than anti-crepuscular rays; they're seen in the anti-solar direction because that's where the light source (the reflection of the Sun in a window) is."