Crescent Moon, earthshine, and dark cloud | James Lowenthal

James Lowenthal
Location of photo
Northampton, MA
Date/Time of photo
2012 Dec 7, 5:09 pm EST
Olympus E410 DSLR Lens: Olympus Zuiko OM 65-200 mm zoom lens at 200 mm, f/4 1 sec at ISO 400
The moon was only 1.6 days old. The previous day would have been too soon to see it -- less than 1 day old is practically impossible to see. So I had this date on my calendar and was ready with the camera and some telephoto lenses. I climbed to the top of the tower of College Hall, which has one of the best views on Smith College or in all of Northampton. The moon was setting into a band of dark clouds; I took a brief time-lapse series, snapped this one still frame, then another time lapse series. This one turned out the best of the bunch.