Elephant Trunk | Bruce Karbal

Bruce Karbal
Location of photo
Fort Sheridan, Illinois
Date/Time of photo
June 30 2006 11:30 PM
Pentax 125 SDP with dedicated reducer, Finger Lakes Proline 16803 CCD cam Finger Lakes CFW 4-5 50 mm square filter wheel, Finger Lakes 7 nm HA filter 50 mm square sizedThe FLI proline was operating at a 50 degree delta temp all night...with no problem
This was my first light shot with a new pentax 125 SDP I had the good fortune of finding the dedicated reducer for this scope..which provides a blazing fast F 4.9 with an 88mm image circle. whats even more astounding, this image was taken in a park, 12 miles north of the Chicago downtown loop, with a full moon out, some high, thin Cirrus clouds passing through. bruce karbal