Fireball!! Pantokrator, Corfu | Bill Metallinos

Bill Metallinos
Location of photo
Mount Pantokrator, Corfu Greece
Date/Time of photo
21 Jan 2012
Canon eos 40D ef 15mm fisheye f/2.8 iso 800 30sec Photoshop, Croped
During our star observation last night 21-22 Jan. 2012 at mount Pantokrator at the island of Corfu I put my Canon eos 40D with the ef 15mm to Capture us... after a while a bright Meteor fall from the nightsky about -8mag!! it was so bright that everything around us turn into a shine blue-green color, you can see it on my 16"inch telescope, on the maps on the table, at the Car, even the ground it turns blue!! It was Amazing!!!