First Time Testing Of Astrophotography Equipment On Moon (less than ideal conditions)

Gerard Campagne
Location of photo
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Date/Time of photo
Taken January 5th, 2015 at 7:00 PM CST
I used my Celestron CGEM DX 1100HD telescope with a Nikon D800 camera at prime focus
I successfully took a picture of the moon using my Celestron CGEM DX 1100HD telescope for the first time with my Nikon D800 36 megapixel camera at the prime focus. I used 200 ISO with a shutter speed of 250th/sec to take it. Since I took it through the living room window, it is not as clear as it would have been if taken outside. But it did give me a chance to test my equipment and I did not have to go outside in the extreme cold to take it. Just imagine what this picture would have looked like if it had been taken outside! (copyright Gerard Campagne 2015)