Foreboding Galaxies | Fred Herrmann

Fred Herrmann
Location of photo
Hsv, AL
Date/Time of photo
Nov, Dec 2013
TOA-130/STT8300 LRGB 13x700 C, 10x600 RGB
This image contains both “Bodes” galaxy aka M81 and the starburst galaxy M82 often referred to as the “Cigar”. Both galaxies lie in the constellation Ursa Major (The Bear) at a distance of 12 million light-years. The core of M82 is thought to produce new stars at a rate ten times faster than the entire Milky Way. It is also believed that the stellar wind which propels the material from the center of its core is fueled by supernovae which occur once every ten years. Also at the lower left of M81 you can see the faint blue dwarf satellite galaxy Holmberg IX.