GAL 110-13 and vdB 158 | Bob Franke

Bob Franke
Location of photo
Chino Valley, AZ
Date/Time of photo
11/5/2016 to 12/5/2013
Takahashi FSQ-106ED scope SBIG STF-8300 camera Baader LRGB filters Losmandy G11 mount
The nebula is shown rotated 90 degrees clockwise. GAL110−13 is an elongated molecular cloud, at a distance of about 1,400 light-years, in the constellation of Andromeda. The blue reflection nebula, vdB 158, is located at the southern end of the cloud. The nearby bright B-Type star, HD 222142, illuminates VdB 158. At 10 o'clock from vdB 158, and about halfway to the edge of the image, is the small planetary nebula PK 110-12 1. Luboš Kohoutek discovered the PN in 1963. Distance estimates range from 13.8 to 17.1 thousand light-years. 13.5 Hrs. total LRGB exposure