Galactic Cannibalism (Whirlpool Galaxy)

Location of photo
Pioz, Guadalajara, Spain,
Date/Time of photo
April 4, 2015
TS 115 Triplet APO Refractor, NEQ6 Pro II tuning belts, IDAS LPS, Atik460ex Mono for Luminance and Canon 600D for RGB
Photographed with big pollution and Moon 70%. Good seeing 4/5. Galactic cannibalism is common in our universe, Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) is an example.
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Álvaro Ibáñez Pérez


I'm a spanish astrophotographer. Around 2012 I buy my first telescope (70/700 achromatic refractor) and my first Canon DSLR camera and I started taking pictures of the sky and beeing doing it ever since. Currently I have a triplet refractor 115/800 and a monochrimatic ccd. Constantly I avoid light pollution in my city, Madrid, and I have to travel more than 200km usually to take photographs of quality.