Gemma in Corona Borealis | Edison Urdaneta

Edison Urdaneta
Location of photo
Cagua, state Aragua Venezuela (N 10° 11' 24.00" W 67° 27' 36.00").
Date/Time of photo
Date: 05-22-2014 Hour: among 21:45 (02:15 UTC) and 22:07 (02:37 UTC)
Telescope reflector aperture 114mm (4.5"), focal length 900mm, eyepiece (1.25") 13mm.
Alphecca (Gemma), is a white star in the constellation Corona Borealis, located about 75 light years away. It is a binary star (Wikipedia). Taken with digital camera 10 megapixels, afocal method, ISO 400 and optical zoom 5X. Image processed with RegiStax6 (12 pictures). Pictures amplied and cutting.