Imbrium Mountain Ranges | Odilon Simões Corrêa

Odilon Simões Corrêa
Location of photo
Araxá, Brazil
Date/Time of photo
2005 October, 11 - Around 20h 06m LT (UT - 3h)
10-inch Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain and Philips Vesta PCVC675k webcam
Frames from several avi files were combined with Registax and resulted 9 images of different lunar regions which were then put together with the aid of iMerge. The final mosaic was processed with Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro and reduced about 60%. My intention was to show in only one picture, the entire mountain chains (Apenninus, Caucasus and Alpes) around Mare Imbrium, with a good amount of details.