ISS transits Moon | Thomas Fretz

Thomas Fretz
Location of photo
n41.10 degrees w83.18 degrees Tiffin, OHio USA
Date/Time of photo
6 May 2009 23h24m EST
Telescope was an Orion 4.5 inch f/4 Relector Camera was Philips ToUcam (unmodified webcam) Mounted on an Ioptron 8403
Using email from I was able to set up all equipment and by prepaired at the correct time of transit. I captured an AVI of about 1800 frames at 10 frames per second. The transit lasted about .8 seconds so only 7 frames were stacked using Photoshop. I think an article on Calsky in Sky & Telescope would benefit many of your readers. Thank You Thomas Fretz