Jellyfish Nebula | Jim Lafferty

Jim Lafferty
Location of photo
Redlands, Ca
Date/Time of photo
Jan 12-15, 2008
FSQ106N refractor, SBIG ST2000xm camera, Takahashi NJP mount
IC 443, the Jellyfish Nebula, a galactic supernova remnat approx 5,000 light years distant, in the constellation Gemini. Imaged over 4 nights on Jan 12-13-14-15, 2008. Imaged with FSQ106N and ST2000xm (Astrodon Filters) riding on the Takahashi NJP. 200 minutes of Ha was used for the luminance, 100 mins of SII for the red channel, 200 min of Ha for the green channel, and 100 mins OIII used for the blue channel (all unbinned, 20 min subs).