Lunar Eclipse (Winter Solstice 2010) | Scott Moore

Scott Moore
Location of photo
Annetta, TX
Date/Time of photo
12-21-2010 02:45 (CDT)
Canon 7D with Canon 18-200mm zoom on tripod. Composite of 2 photos, first one of 10 second exposure at f/3.5 and ISO 2500 (for greater detail of stars), second of 1 second exposure at f/3.5 and ISO 2500 (for image of moon only). The 1 second exposure was then cut and merged onto the 10 second exposure.
Lunar eclipse on Winter Solstice 2010 showing moon and several constellations (such as Orion in the lower left corner, and Taurus in the bottom center) and the Pleiades (in the lower right).