M31 Andormeda Galaxy | Clifton Reed

Clifton Reed
Location of photo
Mount Tamalpias, Mill Valley, CA
Date/Time of photo
16 Sep 2012, 1:00 AM - ish
Orion Skyview Pro 8" Newtonian Skyview Pro Eq. Mount Nikon D5100 Guided w/PHD Orion Star Shoot Stacked with DSS Processing with Adobe CS6
I've been struggling with deep sky imaging for a year now and finally got something decent by paying close attention to polar alignment. Instead of squinting at the polar alignment scope, I devised a new method: I pulled out the polar alignment scope and replaced it with a simple green laser pointer. Viola, polar alignment was easy. I did fine tune the alignment with the PA scope, but the adjustment was really minor. BTW, the latitude scale was way off on the Orion Sky View Mount. There was a 7 degree error! I'll be writing to Orion.