M82 DSLR/CCD Collaboration | Hunter Wilson/Ted Rafferty

Hunter Wilson/Ted Rafferty
Location of photo
Lexington, OH/Baltimore, MD
Date/Time of photo
October 30, 2008/February 8, 2009
RGB Data: Canon 350D Hap Griffin Baader Mod Celestron 9.25 reduced 0.63 Mach1GTO Mount Hydrogen Alpha Data: Meade DSI Pro 2 Mono Meade SN8 Reflector Baader 1.25" 7nm H alpha filter Meade LXD75 Mount
M82 HaRGB - Collaboration of DSLR and CCD imaging. Color from modified 350D and Ha from Meade DSI Pro II bringing out the best in a very active galaxy. The prototypical "starburst galaxy", M82 is very active in star forming, probably due to the energizing influence of a recent close (in galactic terms on both counts - the most recent being 50 to several 100 million years ago) encounter it's neighbor M81. M82 forms stars at the rate of 10 times that of a normal galaxy.