Madeira Perseid | Richard Hope

Richard Hope
Location of photo
Pico do Ariero, Madeira, Portugal
Date/Time of photo
12 Aug 2013. 00.33am
Nikon D90, Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye. 21.8 seconds at f3.5. ISO 200.
A bright Perseid in the bottom left with a much shorter, faimt second Perseid just to the right. Technical problems meant only 1 part night of a possible 2 or 3 night visit to Pico do Areiro at 1818m, Madeira, Portugal. However, we had some wonderful visual Perseids, not quite so many captured in photographs. Sky clear and warm weather meant a near perfect location for this event. A little light pollution form the radar station and cafe on the mountain top, but we kept as far as sensible. Perhaps a dedicated full week at the same spot for the Perseids 2014. Certainly a wonderful place to combine a vacation, sunshine, sightseeing and the Perseids.