C17p-Holmes-11/05/07ut-With Tail? | Efrain Morales Rivera

Efrain Morales Rivera
Location of photo
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Date/Time of photo
11/05/07 03:00 ut
WO ZenithStar 80ED APO, f6.8, Celestron CGE mount, DMK21AF04 Ccd Imager, SBIG ST402ME Guider.
This was taken with the DMK21AF04 Ccd it's a video of over 1 hr taken at 15 seconds per frame a total of 302 frames taken and making a 10second video. Comet was tracked by the ST402me as a guider. Processed with Registax 4. Notice the diffuse coma at aprox. 270 deg. with a whip motion and clearly shows the core of the comet.