Comet Garradd | Richard Schmidt

Richard Schmidt
Location of photo
Burleith Observatory, Washington, DC
Date/Time of photo
24 Aug 2011 03:15 - 05:13 UT
32-cm PlaneWave astrograph; AP900GTO mount. SBIG STL1001E CCD + Kron-Cousins I filter.
Comet Garradd's motion over 118 minutes is shown in this image take on the morning of August 24, 2011 (3:15 UT to 5:13 UT). In this image, a composite of 36 three-minute exposures, the comet is seen moving from SE to NW (left to right). It is presently SE of the star Gamma Sagitta. The field of view of this image is 26 arc minutes square.