Comet ISON on Incoming Trajectory | James Maxwell

James Maxwell
Location of photo
Near Grant, AL
Date/Time of photo
Oct 8 & 26, Nov 2 & 11
20" F/5 Newtonian, with 13mm Ethos, 35mm Plossl/Russell Optics, 35mm Orion DeepView, Baader Neodymium, Baader OIII, and Red Filters. Graphite pencil and blending stump on Strathmore tracing paper. "LED Light Box" app for i-Pad.
Made sequential sketches of comet ISON on its incoming trajectory. Each sketch is a composite of separate B&W drawings from each filter, drawn over a red backlit tablet. Later, I stacked the filtered views to create colored sketches of the comet, where applicable.