Comet ISON & The Temple of Poseidon | Konstantinos Spanos

Konstantinos Spanos
Location of photo
Cape Sounio, Greece
Date/Time of photo
6:00 on November 23
Exposure 2X15sec, ISO320 Canon EOS 5Dii Canon EF-S 400mm/f2.8 EQ-6 Equatorial mount
I couldn't have missed the opportunity to capture Comet Ison near to Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounio of Greece. In the proper time the cloudy weather made my favour and a gap was appeared through the clouds. It was a moment of my life when I saw the comet next to the temple!!! The picture is combined by 2 images. In the first, I was tracked the comet's head for 15sec while the second I turned off the equatorial mount in order to capture the still image of the temple.