Comet McNaught C/2006 P1 | Manuel Orsatti, Franco Mallia

Manuel Orsatti, Franco Mallia
Location of photo
Campo Catino Astronomical Observatory
Date/Time of photo
2007 january 13- 16.23 UT
Kodak Z 650 camera mounted on a tripod. 35/380 mm lens. ISO 200 and exposure 1/125 seconds at f/3.7.
Comet McNaught C/2006 P1 as seen from the Campo Catino Astronomical observatory site at 1500 meters above sea level on Appenines mountains, Italy. The view is towards WSW and the comet was less than three degrees above the horizon at the time. The comets magnitude was estimated at -1.7. At our 41° latitude north it should not be visible on January 13 at 16.28 UT.