Comet Panstarrs | John Giroux

John Giroux
Location of photo
Syracuse, NY, United States
Date/Time of photo
03/17/2013 19:30 EST
Canon T2i, Orion ST120, Orion VersaGo III mount.
Comet Panstarrs with surrounding stars identified. ISO 800, 1 sec. X 20 exposures, lens was an Orion ST120 f/5 achromat refractor, 600 mm focal length. Mount was an alt-azimuth. Twenty images were stacked, aligned and field rotation corrected, and color balance adjusted in Nebulosity 2.5; Black/white levels and balance adjusted in PhotoShop Elements 10, as well as star ID tags added. I determined the stars by using TheSkyX to find the matching star pattern after determining the approximate location via a location chart I found on the web.
121 Candee Ave