Geminid Fireball | Victor rogus

Victor rogus
Location of photo
Jadwin, MO
Date/Time of photo
12-13-12 8:30 PM
Cannon 60Da camera with Calr Zeiss 35 mm lens at f 2.0, ISO 640 and an exposure of 107 seconds, Losmandy G-8 GEM
I am happy to submit my latest image of a wonderful Geminid Meteor in Taurus (along with the Planet, Jupiter). I made this image at about 8:30 PM on the evening of 12-13-12. I used a Cannon 60Da camera with a Carl Zeiss 35 mm lens at f2.0, ISO was 640 and the exposure time was 107 seconds. Photo was made in Jadwin, Missouri. I saw the meteor strike the atmosphere with my own eyes, and I knew, I had it! Fantastic sight!